A Preparation of Impromptu Remarks

Oy. Vey.
February 14, 2010, 12:49 pm
Filed under: Israel

I saw Avatar in 3d with my family over winter break. Loved the imagery and other-world concept – very cool. However, the not-so-subliminal stereotypical, moral message was a tad annoying. “Overkill” and “ridiculous” are the words that come to mind. The bad guys are really bad, and don’t blink an eye when it comes to plowing over the indigenous peoples (or, “Na’vi) for oil… I mean, natural resources. Pretty original, right?

Bil’in, a Palestinian village, decided to reenact Avatar on Friday in attempt to symbolize their “united resistance to imperialism of all kinds.” The outcome, like the movie, is predictable. The Bil’in demonstrators march up to the security wall, accompanied by cameramen (ready for the show?!) already wearing gas masks, and proceed to capitalize on the drama that is created. What ensues is choppy footage of Israelis throwing teargas at the innocent “Na’vi”-Palestinians.

Like I asked James Cameron after watching Avatar: “Really?”


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too true. I like hearing your thoughts on Israel. I continue to worry that America is heading in a wrong direction with our support, or lack there of.

Comment by Luke

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